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Choosing a Target BlackBerry OS

Target the BlackBerry® smartphones that suit your application.

As per November 2010, More than 93% of BlackBerry smartphones can be reached with BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5.

Target BlackBerry OS

[1] http://us.blackberry.com/developers/choosingtargetos.jsp

BlackBerry Simulator

What a BlackBerry Simulator can do?

  1. it can do a lot of things[1].. Just like our BlackBerry devices.
  2. we can browsing using simulator’s browser.
    we have to activate MDS Simulator first[2].
  3. we can send and receive email using simulator.
    we have to activate ESS first[3].

lovin’ it!

[1] http://www.blackberry.com/knowledgecenterpublic/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=801083&objAction=browse&sort=name

[2] http://www.blackberry.com/knowledgecenterpublic/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=801079&objAction=browse&sort=name

[3] http://www.blackberry.com/knowledgecenterpublic/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=800982&objAction=browse&sort=name




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