This is how to set the connection timeout for TCP connections through the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service.[1]

When making a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection from a BlackBerry smartphone, the default connection timeout is 2 minutes. This value takes into consideration the possible time it can take a BlackBerry smartphone to be granted access to send data on the wireless network, and for the connection to travel over the wireless network over the Internet to the destination server and back again. In some circumstances, this value is too long. When making a socket or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) connection through the BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) Connection Service, it is possible to set the timeout value to a lower value than the value that is configured in the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service. By default, the value is 2 minutes. It is not possible to extend beyond the limit configured on the server. Use theConnectionTimeout parameter to specify the timeout value. This parameter accepts a numerical value in milliseconds. The following is an example of an HTTP connection with a timeout value of 1 minute:

StreamConnection s = (StreamConnection)";ConnectionTimeout=60000;deviceside=false");
HttpConnection httpConn = (HttpConnection)s;


Note: The ConnectionTimeout parameter is not supported by direct TCP connections or connections through a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway. Only TCP connections, made through the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service, support this parameter.