Do you ever use alt+LGLG or alt+ESCR in the homescreen?

that’s sample of Backdoor sequence usage..




On a BlackBerry device, there are a number of backdoor sequences that can be invoked when the home screen is displayed (such as holding the ALT key and typingESCR to show the BlackBerry device information). With JDE 4.2, this same backdoor functionality can be included in any screen via two new methods in the net.rim.device.ui.Screen class that can be overridden: openProductionBackdoor(int backdoorCode) and openDevelopmentBackdoor(int backdoorCode). The difference between the two methods is that openDevelopmentBackdoor(int backdoorCode) will only be invoked if the application is run in the simulator (but if both methods are implemented, then both methods will be invoked from within the simulator).


The following is an example implementation that will cause VAKS to be used as a backdoor sequence.


Note: This backdoor sequence will only be executed if the screen implementing this code is in the foreground.


protected boolean openProductionBackdoor(int backdoorCode) {
    switch( backdoorCode ) {
         	 // BACKDOOR – converts four chars to an int via bit shifting and a
          // bitwise OR
          case ( 'V' << 24 ) | ( 'A' << 16 ) | ( 'K' << 8 ) | 'S':
            UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater (new Runnable() {
                public void run()
                   Dialog.inform("Backdoor sequence received");
            return true; // handled
        return super.openProductionBackdoor(backdoorCode);