New Ways to Earn More Money from Your Ads

OpenX 2.8.4 also comes with major enhancements to the way it integrates with OpenX Market, giving you new and easier ways to earn more revenue across your site’s ad space. There are now three ways you can make money from OpenX Market:

1. Opting in Existing Campaigns to OpenX Market — Just like in previous versions of OpenX, you can still opt in your existing campaigns to OpenX Market while providing a floor price for each campaign.

2. Creating Campaigns with the OpenX Market Advertiser — You’ll notice a new advertiser in the system called OpenX Market Advertiser. Through this advertiser, you can create campaigns that exclusively serve OpenX Market ads — each ad request will be filled directly by the highest paying ad from OpenX Market.

3. Using OpenX Market as a default ad provider for your zones — In addition to the ability to create OpenX Market campaigns, we’re also introducing a better way to avoid serving blank ads.