my first experience setup VPN tunnel,

i used CheckPoint X16 Firewall box, with these parameters:

*IKE Phase 1
Key Exchange Encryption Method 3DES 
Data Integrity Method MD5 
Pre-shared Secret Key XXXXXXX 
Diffie-Hellman Groups for IKE(phase-1) SA Group 2 (1024 bit) 
Renegotiate IKE (phase-1) SA (minutes) 1440 
Support Aggressive Mode No 
Support Key Exchange for Subnets Yes 

*IKE Phase 2
Encryption Algorithm 3DES 
Data Integrity MD5 
Compression Method None 
Allowed Peer Gateway
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) No 
Use Diffie Hellmen Group No 
Renegotiate IPSec (IKE phase-2) SA (seconds) 3600 
Renegotiate IPSec (IKE phase-2) SA (kbytes) No 

* Encryption Domain 
(SRC is server at the planet) 
Subnet IP Address: 
DST: A.B.C.D/30 
Host IP Address: 
TCP/UDP (ports to be opened): 


that’s it..